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El Gobierno español expulsa a los inmigrantes del sistema sanitario

Carta al director publicada en el european Journal of Public Health y escrita por Usama Bilal  y un servidor.

"Spanish government expels undocumented migrants from the health care system."
Dear Editor,
We read with great interest your article on the right of access to health care for undocumented migrants across Europe, by Cuadra. In this study, Southern European countries with a National Service funded by taxes fell on the third category, that of countries fulfilling their obligations on health care provision for everyone, including undocumented migrants.
We acknowledge the complex times we are living in Europe right now, both politically and economically. Several countries, especially those on the Southern european region, have been forced to adopt austerity measures that endanger the different social protection and welfare systems developed in the last decades. The author of the article mentions in the discussion that "the situation in many countries is not static, so that some information may already be out of date". We would like to point out that, as of today, the right of access to health care for undocumented migrants in spain has changed radically.
[sigue leyendo en la página del European Journal of Public Health] 

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